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I’m Moving!

In general, I am not a very superstitious person. I have taken notice for awhile, however, that in my life, big changes come in threes.

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The Power of Showing Up

That buzz. Have you felt it? That feeling of being inspired, curious, joyful? Being so drawn towards what is going on around you that you

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Finding Comfort During those Blah Days

I don’t know what it was about last week. Maybe it was because daylight savings time made 7 AM feel like 3 in the morning.

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Where I am Going From Here

Phew. As you can imagine, it’s been a busy two weeks for me. After a busy final Saturday in the Lite for Life storefront (it

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What I am Giving Up For Lent this Year

Where are my Catholics out there? My family is what I like to call *very Catholic* – we grew up going to church every Sunday

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A Note to all my Current + Past Clients

In a lifetime, there are moments when each of us needs to dig deep and listen to where our hearts are leading us. For me,