5 Things to do on Sunday for a Winning Week

Nothing is shinier than a fresh, clean week ahead. There is so much possibility and promise and you might be feeling *totally* ready to finally execute on all your goals.

If healthier living and/or weight loss is among those goals, you have probably experienced the difficulties of trying to get organized when it comes to meal planning, grocery shopping, and sneaking in exercise.

As a weight loss coach, one of the main reasons I see people struggling with sticking to healthy habits is not having healthy options available to them in a quick and easy fashion.

Enter what I like to call Sunday Prep Day.

Sunday Prep Day doesn’t necessarily require that you spend hours in the kitchen cooking all your meals for the week ahead of the time. Instead, taking the following steps each Sunday (or whatever day works for you) will help set you up for success.

Here are my top 5 things I recommend you include in your Sunday Prep Day…

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When it comes to meal planning, I love to incorporate a mix of solid routine options for breakfast and snacks, while creating variety by rotating through different recipes and dinner options. I also like to cook extra servings at dinner to use for lunch leftovers. I am all about cooking once, eating 2-3 times. I generally like to choose 5 dinner recipes, which allows 2 nights for either take out or leftovers.

Once I choose my recipes for the week, I populate my grocery list for the week. I like to write it all out on paper (in my Well Journal) and then add it into a shared list that I have with my husband on my iPhone.

Tip: Are you struggling with the meal prep train? Meal prep companies such as Hello Fresh or Sunbasket can help take care of 2-3 meals a week for you, making meal prep for the rest of the week easier.


Of course, those great meal plans you made won’t get executed unless you actually have the food to prepare your meals. This makes scheduling a grocery trip before the week starts key!

I love to do a quick fridge clean out before heading to the grocery store to make sure I have everything I need on my list and to toss old and rotting food out to give you a clean slate for the week ahead.

Tip: Grocery delivery is my new favorite tool EVER. If getting out of the house isn’t in your cards, ordering your groceries to have them delivered to your door with services such as Amazon Fresh or Instacart can make your life a whole lot easier and take a nagging task off your to-do list.

For $10 off your Instacart order, follow this link and use coupon code JLESYNA13

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When it comes to food prep, a little goes a long way. Sometimes even just accomplishing a few tasks such as hardboiling eggs, chopping up some vegetables, making a soup or chili, or even just laying out your supplements for the week can help streamline your weekdays.


When you commit to exercising for the week, do you actually schedule it in your calendar? As a commitment you will actually keep? So often we say we *will* exercise this week without being any more specific than that. Take the next steps to specify how many times you are going to exercise this week, where and what you will do, and put it in your calendar. If you need to move it around, that’s fine, but be sure to justmove it, rather than delete it from your calendar entirely.

Tip: Accountability is key when it comes to exercise. If you are struggling to make it happen, consider finding a workout buddy, scheduling a class at a studio or gym (better yet, find one with a no late cancel policy!), or find a trainer who can support you in these goals.


If you are anything like me you probably have a to-do list that is a million miles long. While there is nothing better than checking off those boxes on your todo list, it can sometimes be hard to prioritize what you really want/need to get done and also super easy to procrastinate on those tasks that you know you *should* do because they will make your life a whole lot better in the long run, but they aren’t your favorite. Think: Scheduling that dentist appointment you are overdue for.

By choosing 3 main goals for the week, you can FOCUS and EXECUTE on the things that really matter. Take some to think about what is most important for you to accomplish this week and write them down.

Tip: I often like to try to diversify these goals choosing ONE work goal, ONE self-care goal, ONE household/relationship type goal – but how you do this is up to you!


Interested in incorporating this system of setting yourself up for winning weeks into your own life?

Well, that’s exactly why I created the Well Journal for you.

This 12-week journal contains all the tools you need to plan for winning weeks as well as track and record your nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and daily goals in a beautiful spiral-bound, hardcover journal.

I know you’ll find this tool to be helpful and inspiring in chasing down your dreams and feeling your best every single week.

xx jen

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