5 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

It truly feels like I have been waiting all year in anticipation for our big vacation of the summer to Hawaii! While I am so thrilled to be able to take some time to truly relax (and trust me, I am!) there is nothing that bums me out more than coming back from a vacation having lost muscle mass and strength that I had been working so hard to build before vacation.

Staying active and maintaining a base level of fitness while you travel is such a great way to balance out any extra indulgences AND can be part of the travel adventure itself! Below you will find a few of my suggestions for how to stay active and have fun while traveling – whether it be for vacation or for work.


One of the best parts of traveling is getting the opportunity to experience new places and meet new people. Different fitness trends pop up in every city, so if you have the opportunity, try taking a class at a local boutique studio.

To help me find studios when I travel, I love using Classpass as not only an affordable way to take fitness classes in general but also for helping me find great new studios when I travel.


If you’re more of an outdoor fitness buff, do a little research ahead of time to find some of the cities hot spots for running, biking or hiking. You’ll get the scenery change and the opportunity to sightsee while fitting in your normal workout!

I LOVE taking out city bikes in new cities that offer them to explore all the city has to offer without ever having to get in a car.


If you’re staying at a hotel or vacation rental with access to a gym, take
advantage! Maintaining your home routine in an environment where you feel comfortable is always a great option. This is also a good idea if you’re traveling somewhere where you don’t speak the local language, which may present too great of a challenge in, say, a yoga or pilates class.


Inexpensive, easy to pack and easy to use in tight spaces, resistance bands make the perfect exercising tool for travel. You can find plenty of guides for using that bands that focus on upper body, core, lower body or total body exercises and you shouldn’t even have to leave your hotel room! These are a great option if you’re staying at an AirBnB or hotel without a gym and don’t like the idea of studio classes. Make sure you’re familiar and comfortable with all the movements before trying them on your trip. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than an unexpected an avoidable injury! For some great exercises with bands, check out this resistance band exercise library from ACE Fitness.


My husband and I have long been a fan of the 7-Minute Workout app to help us sneak in quick workouts while traveling. The 7 Minute Workout is exactly how it sounds: a 7 minute HIIT workout that can be done all with bodyweight and a chair or step which make it ideal for a quick anywhere workout and is great for travel. Download the app now for a quick and easy workout anywhere: download the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute workout app. You can be sure I will be doing this workout on the beach this week. 🙂

I would love to hear from you – how do you fit in fitness when you travel?

xx jen

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