4 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer with Self-Care

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As summer comes to close, it is easy to get wrapped up in all the structure and schedule that is coming down the pipeline.

Even if you are feeling excited to get back down to business after a summer of fun, there are still a few weeks of summer left that provide us with the perfect excuse to savor these last few moments of summer and incorporate some self-care in a way that only the summer season can offer.

And in that spirit, I wanted to share a few ideas with you for how to incorporate some sunny and seasonal self-care this week as the summer winds down to a close.

4 Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer with Self-Care


Whether it is sitting outside at a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, barbecuing with the family, or simply stepping out of work to eat your lunch on a park bench instead of at your desk, create some quiet time for you to enjoy a meal outside while soaking up the end of summer sunshine.


Peaches, apples, tomatoes, berries! If you haven’t been tending to a garden of your own this summer, there are plenty of farms that offer “pick your own” days that are still open! Take a day off from your to-do list and get outside to pick your food right from the source.

If you are in the SF Bay Area, head over to Swanton Berry Farm in Pescadero to pick your own organic strawberries and ollalieberries.

If you are in the Philly area, a prime spot for picking peaches is Shady Brook Farm, right off of I95.


If you are just getting back to working out after lazy summer vacations, your body might be feeling a little bit more sore than usual. Support workout recovery by spending a few minutes stretching and foam rolling outside on a yoga mat or towel in your backyard or deck after a workout and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Whether it’s the pool in your friend’s backyard or a weekend-long trip to the beach or the lake, try to spend some time in the water before the season ends. The sound of moving water tends to be calming and can bring clarity to a person, and soon it’ll be too cool to take a dip. Time at the beach or in the pool is also a great way to stay active, while having a good time.

Don’t forget to put on your sunblock! Summer isn’t over quite yet.

xx jen

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