My Top 5 Favorite Herbal Teas to Cozy Up With At Night (All Caffeine-Free!)

If your winter evening routine is looking anything like mine, it probably comprises of a healthy dose of Netflix being watched under the warmth of a giant blanket (or two).

While it’s totally nice to hibernate during the winter, making sure that “relaxation time” doesn’t also become “all-of-the-snacks time” is critical.

To keep the cozy going without sabotaging all the hard work that you put in during the day to eat clean and live your healthiest life, it might be a good idea to make herbal tea your new best friend.

Not only does it satisfy the craving for all things warm and cozy, but is also a great way to stay hydrated when a glass of ice-cold water sounds *awful* and can even aid digestion and help improve your sleep!

Since I get asked frequently for my favorite herbal teas, I wanted to share my top 5 brands and flavors that I love to drink in the evening and, quite frankly, all-day, every-day during the winter.

My Top 5 Favorite Herbal Teas



In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic peppermint tea. Not only does peppermint help sooth indigestion, but having the minty flavor on your palate might also deter you from snacking! Be sure to be aware of what peppermint tea you buy -some peppermint teas are blended with black tea and you might find yourself unknowingly ingesting caffeine before bedtime!

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This infusion of turmeric blended with lemon verbana and lime provides a nice earthy and grounding flavor. By drinking a cup of this tea you will also be incorporating turmeric into your diet and it’s healthful compound, curcumin, that has been associated with reducing inflammation, relieving pain and arthritis, decreasing blood clots, aiding in digestion and detoxifying the system!

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This might be a current favorite tea overall! The warming qualities of the ginger root paired with lemongrass, licorice, peppermint, and black pepper are perfect for a winter evening. The digestive support that ginger provides after a meal is just an added bonus!

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For those of you who have coached with me, you probably know that this one has been a long time favorite of mine! This naturally caffeine-free version of a traditional chai tea is made with herbs instead of tea leaves, and contains cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and a hint of vanilla, that gives it a naturally sweet flavor despite the fact that there is absolutely no sugar added. This one is perfect for late night sugar cravings!

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This is the perfect cup to have right before bed. Try turning off the Netflix a little early, pour yourself a cup of this tea, and read a few pages of a good book before bed. Chamomile can help settle your nervous system to help you fall asleep and is especially good when you are feeling stressed or tense. I love that this tea is paired with lavender that gives it a more dynamic flavor than just plain chamomile tea.

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These are just a few of my favorites that I enjoy! I hope you will give one or a few a try and incorporate them into your evening routine.

Do you have a favorite herbal tea that I didn’t include? Share them with me below in the comments!

xx jen

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