4 Things to “Clean Up” BEFORE Jumping into a New Nutrition Plan this January

Early January can be a funny time.

Perhaps you feel like you should be ready to start that new nutrition and fitness plan you resolved to follow, but instead have found yourself struggling to pull out of an awful sugar-induced hangover for the past week and a half.

If that is where you are at, I promise you are not alone!

While I am a huge advocate of “getting back on track” as soon as possible, I also have found that setting yourself up for success can be hugely important in ensure a gentle, inspiring, and productive transition.

For those of you still struggling to get back into a healthy routine this month, I put together a list of a few things I recommend “cleaning up” in your life to help you set yourself up for success BEFORE jumping into that new nutrition or fitness plan.

I promise that tackling these first will help!

4 Things to “Clean Up” BEFORE Jumping into a New Nutrition Plan this January


I absolutely love the French culinary term mise en place which, for those of you who are not familiar, means “everything in its place.” Our physical environments around us have a huge impact on us and our behaviors and chances are if you still have holiday decorations out, much of your home environment is probably not in its normal, natural state.  Do yourself a favor and put them away in an organized fashion and do a deep clean while you are it to start the year off on a fresh and organized foot!


Now that we are two weeks into January, it is time to get rid of the holiday leftovers that are cluttering up your refrigerator and pantry.  I promise they are past their prime!  If you still have sugary items like candies or chocolates, it’s time to either put them away out of sight for special occasions or to get rid of them.  Once you clean out the junk, get to the grocery store and fill up on your favorite healthy food options!


Regardless of whether or not you are starting a new nutrition plan, life is going to happen! Set yourself up for success by sitting down with your calendar and going over your upcoming commitments and how it will impact your lifestyle. How and when will you fit in exercise? Food prep? How will you handle certain meals out, vacations, or events that are coming up in your calendar?  Planning ahead and knowing your schedule will help you be more thoughtful as you go forward.


While this might seem counterintuitive, there are often small ways you can tweak your diet to crowd our unhealthy foods with healthier choices that often get ignored when we take on an all-or-nothing mindset.  How can you sneak in an extra glass of water or vegetable into your day? How can you satisfy a sugar craving with a piece of fruit instead of candy? All of these small tweaks will help wean you down off of unhealthy habits in small ways until you are ready to be more detailed with your nutrition.

If you need support getting back on track, I would LOVE to support you with accountability, practical strategies, and a lot of love.

My schedule is NOW open for you to schedule a complimentary, commitment-free consultation with me to see whether coaching together would be a good fit.

Schedule a Complimentary Session with Me Now!

Even if you aren’t 100% ready (it’s totally okay!) you can book an appointment for the near future.  Your future self will thank you for the accountability!

Happy 2017 Everyone!

xx jen

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