2015: My Year of Adventure, Growth, + Listening to My Gut

One of the things that I have struggled with much of my life is managing a constant desire to keep striving and keep growing.

While this personality trait generally serves me well, I do have to remember to stop and reflect upon all that has already come to me in my life. To take notice of how far I have already come.

In the wake of a new year, I always find it helpful to pause and take note of the changes and blessings in my life. To give myself a moment to process them. To honor them.

This year, in particular, was a year of major change and growth for me. As you will see below, I checked off many of the “big boxes” on life’s’ checklist.

What I wish you could see, though, was how so many of these highlights were just the tip of the iceberg.

The didn’t just “happen” for me. Some flowed easily, some were painful labors of love, ALL took a lot of time to come to fruition.

It took several years for me to be ready for all of these changes to happen and then, suddenly, they did. They happened and they flowed naturally because I was ready. I had spent the time to prepare myself to be ready.

I want to share with you my year of successes and highlights in hopes that you might also take a moment to reflect upon your own year.

Whether it be the highlights or the subtle shifts or growth moments, all are relevant.

Don’t forget to take note of how far you’ve come.


I closed my Lite for Life franchise in San Carlos + I started my own weight loss coaching business, Coaching by Jennifer, where I now coach my clients over the phone, Skype, FaceTime on personalized weight loss plans

Spent a week in solitude up in the mountains for my own personal work retreat, a longtime bucket list item

I got engaged to an amazing man + We moved across the country to Philadelphia from California + We bought our first house together, a cute row home in the heart of Philly! + I launched my first group coaching program, The 40-Day Focus

I participated in my first open water swim from Alcatraz back to the SF (I survived, limbs intact!)


I had the courage to close the business that wasn’t working out for me emotionally or financially in spite of a HUGE fear of disappointing my clients and patrons. I made a major decision that I knew wouldn’t please everyone in the moment and it terrified me. By the time I made the decision, however, I had become crystal clear that if I was not thriving in the situation, there was no way I could help my clients thrive also. This has proven to be completely true in my life and situation.

I was able to try on wedding dresses feeling fully satisfied with my body and full of gratitude that I was able to choose from many dresses I felt good in without ripping myself to shreds. It feels good to feel healthy and happy in my body.

I applied for a part-time position at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. I didn’t get the job, but it was a small energetic action that honored my desire to incorporate a passion of mine, history, into my life. I will keep looking for ways to incorporate this in whenever possible.

I have made shifts to view my wellbeing as being intrinsically inseparable from the wellbeing of my partner. Not an easy task when you are used to setting goals and routines and timelines based on your own independent goals and timelines.

I released an obsession with time and productivity for the sake of just really enjoying life and being happy, which, ironically, makes me more productive and still happy!

I felt the fear and did it anyway, several times. From moving across the country to offering new programs, to meeting new people I have reaped the benefits of pushing myself past my comfort zone.
Now that I have shared with you my year, I would love to hear about the highlights + personal growth moments of 2015. Share below in the comments! 🙂

Photo: My Fiance & I toasting to a wonderful year on the roof deck of our new home in Philadelphia. Photographer: Carrie Anne Kelly

xx jen

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