Hanging with the #PopeInPhilly & Recalibrating After Moving

Well, it has been an incredible week here in Philadelphia.

Not everyone enjoys a welcome to their new city with the ultimate block party complete with city streets blocked off for free wandering, jumbotrons broadcasting on every corner, free water & coffee, and a city full of human beings on their absolute best behavior. Oh yeah, and a guest of honor: Pope Francis.

Having both been raised in Catholic families, Trevor and I were thrilled when our awesome realtor scored us tickets to attend one of the events for the weekend that got us front row seats to see the Pope drive by in his Popemobile after he gave his inspiring speech on religious liberty and freedom at Independence Hall.

It was an incredible weekend that I won’t forget. It has been a time of joy and adventure for me, for sure.

As predicted, however, this has also been a time of major recalibration.

As many of you know, moving is a great way to completely disrupt any sense of routine that you thought you had.

For a brief moment in time, you don’t “belong” anywhere. You and your stuff are not yet settled in one place or another.

For a brief moment, you can almost claim complete freedom. Of anonymity. You can separate yourself from the “real you” for a time being. And that’s where things can get a little interesting.

If you are like me, you might have a little bit of a rebel streak that urges you to test the waters with what you can get away with in times like this.

In past experiences, a move like this would have cued an impulse in me to let go of any and all self-restraint when it comes to food and drink. Local food and beer? I want to try it all!!!!

While I am proud to say I didn’t throw ALL caution to the wind this past week, I was extremely aware of this impulse during this time of limbo. In this time of fuzzy grey area.

I surely made some overindulgent choices this week in the form of pizza, pasta, and pancakes. And, oh yeah, a few too many caramels on one particularly stressful night of packing.

But I also made some good choices. Many, actually. I tried to choose salads when eating out. I found our local grocery stores and made sure to stock up the refrigerator with healthy food as soon as possible. I got out for a couple of runs in my new city.

I also took note of how uncomfortable it felt at times.

For anyone who has spent most of their life in flux between the black and white zones of feeding-free-for-all and diet-restriction, there can be some major discomfort in the imperfect grey area.

It is during these times where moderating the self-talk is incredibly important. To stay committed to doing what you can, even if you aren’t ready to be able to be at 100% quite yet.

100% wasn’t available to me for a couple days. Instead, I had to summon what I could. A piece of fruit or veg here, a run there. As uncomfortable as it felt, these small actions and positive steps in the right direction paid off and I just had to trust that my desire to feel good in my body in my new home would lead me in the right direction.

Instead of hating on myself, I gave myself the gift of understanding and time.

I gave myself time to gather the tools that I needed to take care of myself to the standard I have set for myself. I did what I could given the scenario without picking myself apart completely and judging myself as an awful human being.

With each good choice, I felt my confidence and commitment to my healthy habits strengthening. And just a week in, I do feel recalibrated to my “normal” routine.

It’s important to take note that the only way back to this point of feeling good was through the grey area. That uncomfortable grey area.

I share this story because life changes all the time and sometimes these changes in life can throw us off balance.

By staying connected to the life you want to live, the life you aspire to, even the smallest positive actions and thoughts will help you get back to where you want to be as long as you are loving and patient with yourself.

Have you experienced a time like this in your life? If so I would love to hear how you navigated through it. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

Until next time…

Yours in health and happiness,

xx jen

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