On sharing your journey (+ some personal news!)

I know I have been a little quiet the past couple of weeks.

Quiet – but surely not for lack of things to say.

In fact, I have been bursting at the seams!

Bursting – but taking pause. Taking a moment to privately navigate the major changes in my life over the last couple of weeks.

In a world where we can broadcast news in a split second to our entire social network, knowing what, when, and how to share news takes finesse and more forethought than ever before. And sometimes knowing when to click POST is a fine art.

ESPECIALLY when it is exciting and happy news! Who wants to keep that to themselves?

Before I continue, my bit of news: the love of my life and best friend and I got engaged on our recent road trip up the Pacific Coast.

We are so incredibly excited to start this new chapter of our life together.

In our excitement, however, we consciously made a decision to enjoy our new commitment to each other in private for a while before announcing it to the whole world via social media.

We wanted to allow space for us to enjoy our time before the “whole world” knew.

We wanted to be able to share our story personally with our loved ones.

And I have to say I am so glad we gave ourselves that time.

It ended up being an incredibly powerful experience.

And “keeping quiet” really got me thinking…

How do we know if and when we are ready to share highly personal news with the world?

Undergoing any major life or lifestyle change can be incredibly exciting and emotionally complicated to navigate. Sometimes it’s hard to know when we should take the time to process our lives in private and when it feels right to share our experience with others.

I often have clients ask me if it is a “bad thing” if they don’t feel ready to share the lifestyle changes and weight loss goals they are making with their friends and family at first.

My response is always, “No! Not at all!”

It’s okay to take space to feel out the changes you are making in your life and body.

It’s okay to take time to integrate new habits that might feel funny or unnatural for you at first.

It’s okay to give yourself time to find your footing and build confidence that you do indeed have what it takes to integrate healthier changes into your life.

It’s absolutely a-okay.

If you ARE feeling ready, however, ask yourself a couple of questions first.

The answers to these questions might reveal if you are truly ready to share your news about your weight loss with others or if taking a little more time to process your experience on your own might be desirable.

Are you ready to share your weight loss journey with others?

Here are some questions to ask yourself before sharing your big news…

  1. Is my audience capable of being lovingly supportive of the changes I am making in my life?
  2. Have I allowed myself ample time to work through the “honeymoon period” of the changes I have made and feel grounded in my thoughts and emotions about my journey?
  3. Am I ready and willing to wholeheartedly accept congratulations and compliments without deflecting them? Am I ready to say “thank you” without minimizing the hard work I have put in?

Above all, trust your gut. When you feel ready to share, you will know.

xx jen

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