Where I am Going From Here

Phew. As you can imagine, it’s been a busy two weeks for me.

After a busy final Saturday in the Lite for Life storefront (it was so great to see so many of you who dropped in, by the way), my family and I began the tedious task of breaking down the business. It took the entirety of that weekend and we didn’t finish cleaning up until about 8 pm on Sunday night.

Needless to say, I slept really well that night, which was great because 7 AM on Monday morning I got the opportunity to jump right into coaching virtually through my new business, coachingbyjennifer.com.

I feel so blessed to have had such a seamless transition.

As the first matter of business, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for your grace in dealing with this major change in my business. Thank you for taking a chance with me in following this dream to pursue my own thing.

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have NOT dealt gracefully with change.

How many times I’ve dug my heels in deep, kicking and screaming and praying that things could stay exactly the same as they had always been.

However, I’ve come to notice over time that every time a major change shows up, whether it be planned or unplanned, with it comes an opportunity. An opening to welcome change and renewal. To shift the way you do things. To take time to pause and reflect.

What’s been working? What hasn’t been working? What am I doing with my time, energy, emotions? How do I WANT to live? And in my case, how do I want to work with clients?

As you can imagine, I’ve been thinking about these things a lot as I go through this major life change of closing a stable business of 5.5 years to venture into new and uncharted territory.

But as I have taken this opportunity to put down the comfort of the status quo, several themes and patterns of how I desire to work with you, my clients, have shown up.

Here are those desires…

1) To be able to share myself more authentically with you – my struggles & my triumphs – I am certainly not perfect.

I have struggled with my weight and binge eating habits since before I can remember. If you haven’t gotten a chance, head over to my personal story here. But every year of my life that I continue to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle I see progress. Fewer binges, smarter choices, more gentle ways of managing my emotions. To me that has been a huge marker of success. I have felt it difficult to have to represent a strict representation of what was ‘on program’ and what is ‘not on program’ – we are all our very own variations of healthy and that is a beautiful thing.

2) To help you learn how to trust yourself, your body, and your intuition.

Just because a program says you should or shouldn’t do something does not make it right for you. EVERYBODY is different. However, I have seen people choose to see themselves as a failure if they aren’t able to stick to every detail of a program. Yes, there are some more universal truths that we should strive for, but how we integrate them into our lifestyle? There are millions of ways we can go about doing that.

3) To help you build up self-trust again by setting and achieving manageable goals that really resonate with you and what you want out of life.

Self-trust is SO important. I want to help you to start to learn how to build self-trust again by holding you accountable. Starting small and building from there. Great leaps begin with small steps.

4) To help you find a weight loss routine that will help you successfully achieve your goals, but that will also be relevant long term.

This means finding structures, systems, and troubleshooting that work for your body to lose weight that translate well into a lifetime of healthy living. I want to get you thinking in terms of being the healthiest you can be for life, not just for however long it takes to get the weight off.

5) To give you a solid nutritional education that shows both sides of the arguments. Vegan vs Paleo? Ever wondered which lifestyle is more ‘correct’?

The field of nutrition is tricky to navigate because there are thousands of studies, all proving different things! I hope to help you weed out the good information and the bad information out there to help you make the best choices for YOU and your lifestyle.

So while I am sharing my intentions here of how I plan on going forward, I would also love to hear what YOU would like to receive from me in our coaching sessions and from my newsletters and my blog here at coachingbyjennifer.com.

I am open to suggestions and now is the perfect time for you to be heard.

Feel free to shoot me an email at jen@coachingbyjennifer.com with suggestions for what you would like to see in my upcoming newsletters.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you soon – thanks again for being a part of my journey.

xx jen

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