A Note to all my Current + Past Clients

In a lifetime, there are moments when each of us needs to dig deep and listen to where our hearts are leading us. For me, now is the time that I must take a major next step in my own life and how I serve you, my customers and friends.

I would like to announce that I have decided to close the doors at Lite for Life San Carlos for the final time on February 28th to transition my weight loss business to a new remote coaching model.

That being said, I continue to be deeply invested in YOU and your weight loss journey, as well as my coaching practice. I want to continue to work with you!

As you will read in this email, you can rest assured that even with the closing of the store, I plan to fully honor the investments that you have already made in coaching programs here at Lite for Life. I am so excited to share with you how our new model will offer you better service and continued support.

I am looking forward to talking openly with you about my plans – please see below for more information on this transition and then do not hesitate to call, email, or set up an appointment with me to chat.

First, A BIG Thank You

Perhaps you don’t know this, but when I first took ownership of Lite for Life San Carlos in 2009, I was just 22 years old. I was absolutely terrified that no one would take me seriously as a weight loss coach because I was so young. (So much so that I used to wear my glasses, instead of my contact lenses, because I thought they made me look older and more intelligent!)

But my passion trumped my fears, and a little over five years ago I moved from Oregon to California for the sole purpose of taking over this business. I was inspired by my own 70 pound weight loss on the Lite for Life program, and this inspiration allowed me to put my introverted self out-there for the first time in my life. I felt vulnerable and the risk felt huge, but now, words cannot describe how wonderful of an experience this has all been.

Looking back, the thing that made it worth it to ignore my fears, and take that leap was, undeniably, getting the opportunity to work with YOU!

For the past 5 ½ years it has been my pride and joy to serve the San Carlos Lite for Life community from our little hub here on Laurel and Brittan. I have met and worked with hundreds of you who have inspired me with your efforts to change your lifestyles, challenge yourselves, and reach your goals. So many of you have shared your deepest feelings about your weight and life in a real and earnest way to me, a practical stranger at first, and I feel so blessed to get to spend my day having genuine conversations with you.

Thank you. Truly. For our relationship and your business.

My New Direction

Over the past year or so, I have found myself drawn towards building a weight loss coaching practice under my own name in order to diversify my training and coaching offerings.

This past December, I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Health Coach. Through IIN’s year-long program, I was taught over 250 different dietary theories which further deepened my passion for nutrition and weight loss coaching.

After much consideration, I have found myself inspired to re-invent my coaching practice. I will still be working as a weight loss coach and specializing in blood sugar, but will no longer be working from my retail location and will not be licensing the Lite for Life diet nor working under the Lite for Life name. This will allow me to offer you more of the knowledge I’ve learned from my years of experience as a weight loss coach and through my health certification while offering a more individualized weight loss program for you.

As rent and food costs have continued to climb over the years, I have regretted that much of my energy has been spent ensuring that I can pay the bills rather than being able to focus on the working with you. I know that this one-on-one coaching is the aspect of the business that I truly love, and I hope it is the part you value and enjoy the most.

My New Coaching Practice

As I make this transition, I hope to continue working with you as we already have, but remotely, using all the benefits of technology: ­phone, Skype, FaceTime, email, and text messaging.

In the coming months, I will be offering brand new weight loss coaching programs and packages and I am also looking forward to being able to offer more nutritional talks, events, cooking classes, online resources, and more!

I am looking forward to being able to offer you the following:

More Focus

No more interrupted coaching sessions. You will have my full and focused attention during our sessions together.

More Flexibility

Now you can receive my personalized coaching from anywhere, no matter what is going on in your day or how hectic your life is. No traffic, no parking… no excuses. 🙂

More Contact

In addition to our scheduled time, I will be hosting weekly office hours for you to call in and chat. I will also be reachable by text and email so we can troubleshoot any hurdles that come up right away and keep you accountable to yourself and your goals.

More In-Depth Nutritional Education

I am planning on moving into a more structured education-based model of coaching. We will delve deeper so you can learn more and come to your own conclusions about what a healthy lifestyle means to you.

A Wide Range of New & Exciting Resources

Finally, you will be able to receive regular recipes, inspiration, and blog posts from me via email and my website so that you can stay inspired and stay connected with me all the time!

A More Whole-Life Approach

Because we know it’s not all about the food. It’s about making a lasting lifestyle change.

I am planning to devote the rest of February to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible for current clients and I will be sharing all my new & exciting program offerings soon.

Find out more about my new endeavor at coachingbyjennifer.com

My new email address is jen@coachingbyjennifer.com

I know change is hard. Trust me, I have been grappling with the ‘hugeness’ of this change in my business for quite some time! But I am excited for what the future holds and I want you to come along for the ride.

The Answers to All Your Burning Questions

What about my current paid program?

I absolutely intend to honor the investment you have made in your current program with Lite for Life and I will connect with you individually about what would work best for you in regards to our remaining time. I will be conducting weigh-ins as usual through Saturday, February 28th and after that, we will move to remote coaching using the phone and other technology. I am looking forward to working with you beyond this transition!

What about all of my favorite Lite for Life products?

If you would like to special order any of our unique products in bulk, please let me know ASAP and I will do my best to help assist you in doing so. I can also assist in helping you find other retail establishments where your favorite products are sold. I will make sure that you receive supplements for your remaining reducing program time.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.

xx jen

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