Crockpot Turkey Stuffed Pepper SoupThis simple soup recipe is BIG on flavor and feels just like you are digging into a delicious stuffed pepper without the extra steps of making them!
Watermelon GazpachoThis refreshing summer soup will become one that you crave on a hot summer day.
Warming Gingery Carrot SoupIf you are looking for a soup to please all palates and dietary needs (from vegan to paleo), this blended vegetable soup can deliver on so many levels.
Italian Garden SoupThis garden-fresh vegetable soup full of Italian herbs is the perfect comforting veggie-packed soup to fill your stomach and soul.
Chicken Vegetable Soup with KaleA CBJ essential soup recipe! Feel free to add whatever vegetables you have in your kitchen into the mix - that is the beautiful thing about soup, anything goes!