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Grocery Lists

TRADER JOE’S GROCERY LIST Favorite product picks from Trader Joe’s

COSTCO GROCERY LIST – Favorite product picks from Costco.

CBJ SNACK GUIDE – Healthy snack pairings, protein bar picks, and more.

EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT JOINING A LOCAL CSA Is joining a Community Supported Agriculture program the right fit for you?

CBJ RESTAURANT AND EATING OUT GUIDETips for making healthy choices during your next meal out.


Menu Plans


READING NUTRITION FACTS – What to look for when reading nutrition labels.

WHAT ABOUT SWEETENERS? – Guide to natural sweeteners.

WHAT ABOUT CAFFEINE? – Guide to how much caffeine is right for you and coffee alternatives.

WHEN TO GO ORGANIC – Learn about organic certification and what produce has less residual pesticides than others.

GLUTEN-FREE GUIDE – Learn about gluten-free starch alternatives.

CBJ GUIDE TO HYDRATION – Learn about how to balance your hydration for your lifestyle.

YOUR GUIDE TO READING NUTRITION LABELS LIKE A PRO– Understand how to properly read nutrition labels.

Weight Loss



CBJ SCALE RECOMMENDATIONS – In the market for a new scale? Check out my top scale recommendations.

PORTION CONTROL TIPS – Portion control strategies that don’t involve a food scale.

MINDFUL EATING TIPS – Strategies to get more mindful while eating.

CHECKING IN WITH YOUR PROGRESS – How to monitor your progress beyond the scale and celebrate your non-scale victories.

CBJ BALANCED THANKSGIVING GUIDE – Tips, strategies, and sample meal plan for a balanced Thanksgiving day.

TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER HOLIDAY SEASON – Master the art of balance with these helpful holiday tips for your weight loss journey.



BOOTY BAND WORKOUT: 5 MOVES YOU CAN DO ANYWHERE (NEW!) – Try this 5 exercise routine to build a strong booty anywhere! (Includes demo GIFS)

WHY EXERCISE “SNACKING” MIGHT BE FOR YOU (NEW!) – Exercise snacking is the concept of breaking exercise into short 5-10 minute sessions, 2-3x a day.  Find out about the benefits as well as mini-workout ideas to make this concept work for you!

CBJ MINI WORKOUT VIDEO – 10 minute follow along video with the following workout: 5 Rounds of 5 Pushups, 10 Situps, 15 Squats

CBJ FIT CARDIO WORKOUT VIDEO – 12 minute full body cardio bodyweight workout with low and high impact movement options

CBJ FIT GLUTE WORKOUT – 20 minute circuit to wake up your glutes!

ALL ABOUT NEAT: YOUR HIDDEN DAILY CALORIE BURN– Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for everything we do that does not include sleeping, eating, or exercise; and ranges from simple things like standing and fidgeting to moving about.


TURN MINI-ACTIONS INTO MOTIVATION WITH THE 5 MINUTE RULE– Boost motivation with this trick to get yourself moving.


GREEN SMOOTHIE 101 – Create a perfectly balanced green smoothie with this guide.

KITCHEN INVENTORY PLANNER (NEW!) – Streamline your meal planning by shopping your fridge, freezer, and pantry first with this printable planner.

SALAD DRESSING 101 (NEW!) – Learn how to make healthy and balanced salad dressings every time with this guide.

ULTIMATE HEALTHY TACO TUESDAY GUIDE (NEW!) – Your guide to healthy and delicious Taco Tuesdays with my top favorite recipes and topping ideas.

Product Recommendations

PROTEIN POWDER RECOMMENDATIONS– What to look for in a protein powder and product recommendations.

HEALTHIER CLASSIC CONDIMENT ROUNDUP(NEW!)- Find out what to look for when purchasing ketchup, mayo, mustard, and BBQ Sauce and check out my top product picks.

PASTA SAUCE PICKS – Helpful tips and tricks for picking a healthy pasta sauce, plus my top favorite brands.


BCAAs – Find out how branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) can fuel and support your recovery during and after your workouts.